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When you decide to set up effective means for parental control of Internet access, IMonitorsoft can offer you programs for monitoring computer usage and preventing any hassles associated with that. Internet computer monitoring records all emails, chats, instant messaging, visited websites, online searches, launched programs and typed keystrokes.

With internet computer monitoring you will be aware of everything your children are posting about themselves and everything their friends are posting about them. It is essential to make sure that your children do use computer only for education purposes and they benefit from the Internet rather than involved in such unhealthy contents.

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The flexibility of Internet computer monitoring can allow you to monitor and record every detail of your children's computer and Internet activity in home. Our Internet computer monitoring products are completely invisible and run silently and unobtrusively while logging everything that happens on the computer which can help you to be a more liberal parent in your children's heart. Becsuse you protect their provacy but you still take more care of their study. Free Trial! Improve staff's discipline with cloud employee monitoring app that enables managers to control employees' computers and internet work.

Learn more about Employee Monitor. Invisible monitoring, collects data - web usage, screenshots, typed text, copy paste, file access, processes. Block websites etc. Learn more about Employee PC Monitoring. EmployeeTrail helps track employees in the work hours and identifies productive time Learn more about EmployeeTrail.

EmployeeTrail helps track employees in the work hours and identifies productive time. Learn more about EventTitans. The end-to-end solution for customer service workforce analytics, team performance optimization, and process automation.

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Learn more about Fin Analytics. Employee monitoring app to remotely check employees mobile activities and increase productivity in the workplace. Learn more about iKeyMonitor. IPdiva Cleanroom provides a single-use, sterile and monitored work environment. Learn more about IPdiva Cleanroom.

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You can also use the software to track your employees' attendance, with login and logout times recorded. Try the simplest solution today… Try Now For Free. Blurred screenshots. CleverControl is a comprehensive and intuitive employee monitoring software platform that gives admins great insight into and control over how employees spend their workday on company devices. Screen capture with playback. Failure to consent to this policy should come with a requirement for that user to work on a company-owned device instead. But what about when freelance or remote employees start using their own devices?

Helps companies make impactful, real-time, fact-based decisions that enrich and maximize the experience and productivity of end users. Learn more about Knoa UEM. Net Monitor for Employees is employee monitoring software that allows you to take full control of a computer and much more. Learn more about Net Monitor for Employees. Learn more about PhonySpy. A smart remote management tool with screenshots, time tracking, and computer usage monitoring.

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Learn more about RemoteCamp. Cell phone tracker software used for for tracking your employees. Learn more about Spapp Monitoring. Teamglide helps you better evaluate your current employees but also pre-screens new employees to ensure they are a fit for your company Learn more about Teamglide Employee Performance. Teamglide helps you better evaluate your current employees but also pre-screens new employees to ensure they are a fit for your company. TheOneSpy is a cell phone and computer monitoring software for organizations to monitor employee activity.


Learn more about TheOneSpy. Employee monitoring tool which controls and records call activity, and tracks location by connecting to Android phones. Learn more about TheTruthSpy. Boost Your Employee Productivity. A single place to centralize your semantic assets, write contents, localize and deploy them. Learn more about Wezen - Semantic Asset Management.

Monitor Your Child's Devices

Employee monitoring tools are more than simply an easy way to make sure your staff isn't Featured Employee Monitoring Software Reviews. PCMag reviews products independently, but we may earn affiliate router to apply parental control and monitoring to every device on your network. . Modern kids use all kinds of internet-connected devices, and modern.

Monitor employees devices to see the productivity of your workforce. Employee Monitoring software is used to track employee productivity and to ensure appropriate use of corporate resources. Compare product reviews and features to build your list.

Parenting in the Digital Age

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Alphabetical: Sorts listings from A to Z. Why Capterra is Free. You have selected the maximum of 4 products to compare Add to Compare. ActivTrak by Birch Grove Software reviews. Learn more about ActivTrak Free way to see who is doing what and for how long. Learn more about ActivTrak ActivTrak is a FREE comprehensive cloud-based analytics service that allows businesses to gain insights on and improve employee productivity.

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BrowseControl by CurrentWare 16 reviews. Learn more about BrowseControl Restrict inappropriate surfing and enforce enterprise wide Internet usage policies. Work Examiner by EfficientLab 2 reviews. Learn more about Work Examiner Computer and internet monitoring software for employee work time usage tracking.

Time Doctor by Time Doctor reviews. Learn more about Time Doctor A time tracking and employee monitoring software that is accurate and helps you to know if your team is really working productively.

Parenting in the Digital Age

Learn more about Time Doctor Time Doctor is an employee monitoring software with accurate time tracking that helps you know if your team is really productive. Learn more about WebWork Time Tracker WebWork Time tracker provides the easiest way to understand the productivity of work, calculate working time and time spent on each task. Sometimes the kids sent a quick message through the monitoring program asking me to allow access to a specific website.

We received this message through email or text alert and could then grant temporary or permanent access. Most of the programs we tested let you block access to the web during specific times of the day, such as bedtime or when homework and chores need to get done. We tested all these time control features to make sure they worked properly.

Finally, we looked at the activity reports and evaluated how detailed they are. Some monitoring programs simply list the websites your child visited and the search terms they used.

Best free parental control software for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android

Others provide much more detail and include screenshots of the sites your kids visit, lists of blocked search terms entered, and both sides of chat conversations. ContentBarrier is specifically designed for Mac computers and laptops. It lets you block inappropriate websites and set time limits for when your child can be online. Qustodio has 29 filter categories, and when you choose one, the program blocks your kids from accessing any site with that type of content.

Categories include pornography, violence, weapons, drugs and alcohol. It also has categories such as online shopping, gambling and games so you can keep your kids focused on more educational content. On top of content blocking features, the program comes with time controls. You can also set exactly how much time they can be online in one sitting. You can also capture every text your child sends or receives and disable text ability completely from the Qustodio app.

There is also a panic button — if your child finds themselves in a dangerous situation, such as if they get lost on the way home from school, they can hit the button and the program sends you a text message with their exact location so you can get to them quickly. Read the full review.

This feature can also be used in reverse, so you can block your child from sharing personal information such as their full name, birthdate or address. This also works with online gaming site chatrooms, where your child may be talking with complete strangers while playing. Surfie has 18 filter categories, so you can instantly block sites about topics such as pornography, violence, suicide or drugs.