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Time Doctor will allow you to see how your team is spending their workday. You will be able to access powerful reports that allow you to determine how efficient each of your employees is on a daily basis. You will see how much time was spent on a project and which apps and websites they visited while working.

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If an employee does not seem to be as productive as you anticipate, you can monitor his screenshots and track mouse movement and keyboard strokes. Imagine your employee was working in the desk next to you, and you wanted to see what he was up to. If they lose track of time on a black listed site, Time Doctor will give them a friendly reminder to return to work. With Time Doctor, you will be able to easily track whether an employee is working or not simply by looking at keyboard strokes and mouse movements.

Time Doctor allows you to integrate with various third party project management tools such as: Trello , Basecamp , JIRA , and many others ensuring that all work completed is accounted for.

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See How Much Time Each Employee Spends per Project One of the most important aspect of employee screen monitoring software is to see how much time each project takes from start to finish This is perfect for: Agencies who need to bill their clients at a profitable rate. Then point it to one of the computers on your network and press Install. You can also use it to uninstall. The remote installer will only work if you are on a Microsoft Active Directory Network.

It will not work for standalone or workgrouped computers such as those running Windows Home version.

You must have admin rights over the computer that will receive the Agent. Make sure you are using the latest version of the Remote Installer. Download from app. Install the Remote Installer. Download your ActivTrak Agent from your account Dashboard and save it as a file.

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Run the Remote Installer. Point the Remote Installer source to to the Agent file you downloaded from your Dashboard.

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Project and task management. To do so, please select a software license below, click on the "Buy Now" button, and follow the instructions. This is also a key factor depending on compliance laws. You may be able to search for codes online or call the company to find out what promotions are available. It has enough automation and customization ability to get the job done for on-premises oversight Read Review. How to Block a Website on Windows 10 Could employees be leaking vital business information, accessing inappropriate content, or simply wasting time goofing off on the clock?

Point the Remote Installer target to the name of the computer on which you wish to install the Agent. IP addresses can be used instead of computer names Press Install. Employee monitoring tool ActivTrak brings affordable pricing and an intuitive user interface while avoiding overbearing monitoring features.

Instead, it offers employee productivity metrics and team behavior analytics. It's like Google Analytics for your office. Managers should have regular check-ins about goals and progress, just like any other critical KPI. For example, goals could include a 10 percent increase in sales, a 10 percent satisfaction in support and 5 percent less time spent on entertainment websites. Apart from time log and screenshot reporting, ActivTrak helps the organization achieve security and compliance goals by blocking malicious activity and image redaction to protect sensitive material.

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We use cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Connection is secured iOS. Analyze Organizational Productivity ActivTrak is purpose built to analyze organizational trends in productivity. Measure and Improve Operational Efficiency Where are your bottlenecks? Protect Assets from Insider Threats Know who is accessing sensitive files, inserted USB devices, and participating in risky activities. Remote Workforce Management.

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