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The sneaky little pod transmits video and sound to the smartphone apps controlling the device. It's the high-tech surveillance equivalent of sitting next to a door with a water glass pressed against the wood. We got our hands on a pre-production version of the Rover 2. The Rover 2. It still captures photos, just like its predecessor. But the new Rover also brings video capture to the mix. The photo and video quality isn't the greatest, but considering the shooting angle of the photos and video are from shoe level you're not exactly going to use the footage as Facebook profile pics.

The new app uses sliders instead of buttons to steer and accelerate the tank. The sliders are better than the buttons of the previous app but offer very little in the way of speed control. The tank has two speeds: Stop and go. One of its best features was also in the original Rover: night vision. It's the ultimate in sneaky, assuming your intended target is hard of hearing.


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The little tank still makes quite a bit of noise rolling around. I probably wouldn't buy it for myself because I would want to try to make my own using stuff I already have, i. I'd love to have it, though not too sure to buy it. This cool and sophisticated devices should include the type of gadget, not a toy.

It might be a fun toy for 30 minutes but then what. Not a buy. The Drone with camera would be nice.

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I would wanna get one if I had the money. About other products, not sure cos I cant think of any better alternative. I wouldn't buy. Have no practical use for it so couldn't justify its purchase or any of its alternatives. I would get one. It be a fun thing to play around with.

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Getting into small spaces in a great way to use it but just spying on my husband would be fun.. I probably wouldn't buy one, but it'd be a pretty neat thing to have, maybe use it to explore places I wouldn't necessarily want to enter myself like abandoned buildings! I don't think I would buy this product but only because I don't need it bad enough to merit spending that kind of money. I would use it as added security if I win it and would love having that. I am on fixed income is only reason I can't buy one myself.

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Thanks for the chance to win. It looks like a great product and has features I haven't seen in any of the others on the market similar to it. A x pixel camera? The chinese factories must have a serious overstock of those things if manufacturers are still putting them in hardware!

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Even children's "toy" cameras have better resolution than that! Would not buy one. Loud and uses double-A batteries. Might work to distract zombies though. We'll see.. It looks cool and all but I wouldn't buy one. I don't feel the need to purchase it. I would like to play with it or win it here. I've almost bought the 1. Would love to win it! If I had an income and the money, I would definitely buy this tank. Something to chase play with the dogs with and mess with my son and my fiance with too.

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I love smartphone-controlled toys, it's very fun to play and entertain. I love this tank built-in camera and two-way sound communication function, but the camera resolution is too low, and it's quite big, not as fast and versatile as Sphero. I probably wouldn't buy this But it IS cool Wow amazing! Let's hope I will finally win a giveaway! I think I have partecipated in nearly all the giveaways from the birth of makeuseof If I have money to spare I would definitely buy one for my Kids.

Unfortunately I don't so praying hard I win this :. I think I'd pass on this and double down on a Parrot AR drone. Still pretty cool to harass the dog with. It doesn't climbing? Spell check promotes lazy editing. Take no offense! To me the most negative aspect would be the low resolution camera. I was surprised that wasn't mentioned in the "Downsides" section.

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I would buy if I had unlimited funds. I just can't think of too many reasons I personally would want one.

I really can't say as I have not played with this kind of toy in years. However, I do look forward to trying this one out for a run. If I had money to space on high tech toys, I probably would - but I expect the novelty to wear out quickly. I wouldn't buy one, but I would definitely enjoy one if I had it. I wouldn't really consider any other of the same product to actually go out and purchase. If the price was lower or the features were more rugged, then I'd consider it. Would be a great toy to win and play with the nieces and nephews. I probably wouldn't buy this, unless they released a version that could go up stairs.

Instead, I would save up a bit more and get a Parrot AR. Looks fun but I don't see how practical it would be to buy one. I could always just put a camera on my RC cars and it would be somewhat similar. I think it would work so much better on a drone or something flying instead. I think it being a tank defeats the purpose of trying to be stealthy. I would rather have a flying version so at least it can fly away if it gets seen. I probably wouldn't buy it due to the price, especially since while it looks like it is a lot of fun to play with I wouldn't get nearly enough use out of it to justify the price.

Looks pretty neat. I would buy this. I think it would be funny to see what the pets do when we aren't home.

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Much rather get a drone. This is useless as a robot. Great as a toy. I would, even though it does not sound like a spy tank. It would still be a lot of fun to play with.