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Transmitter Using Wire Connection:

This FM spy telephone circuit is mounted serrial with the phone line. When is signal on the wires this transmitter will radiate airwaves thru the wires wich act as anntenna. There is no need for batteries because it got his voltage supply from the phone lines. Here is a very simple telephone broadcaster or transmitter which can be used to eavesdrop on a telephone conversation. The circuit can also be used as a.

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Took Tomlinsons main computer, his laptop, a friends laptop, his Psion. The MIC stage is isolated from the base with the help of a 1u capacitor and the gain of the mic could be well tweaked by adjusting the series 22k resistor. The stability of the above circuit could be improved by tapping the antenna from one top turn of the coil as shown in the following figure.

This actually enhances the response of the circuits due to a couple of reasons.

The antenna gets aloof from the collector of the transistor allowing it to function freely without unnecessary loading, and the slipping of the antenna to the top further allows the relevant side of the coil to get a higher stepped up voltage induced across itself and also the coil generating a higher concentration of transmission power on the antenna.

Although this enhancement may not actual increase the range of the device, it makes sure that the circuit does not get rattled when hand held, or when the grip is encircled close over the circuit inside its enclosure.

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If you want your tiny FM transmitter circuit to transmit music instead of spying or eavesdropping, you would probably find the following design interesting. The proposed FM transmitter will allow combining a stereo input simultaneously from the source so that the info contained inside both the channels get into the air for an optimal reception.

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Adding a transistor stage to the above discussed single transistor FM transmitters could enable the designs with extreme sensitivity. An electret MIC itself has a built in FET which makes it very efficient and makes it a stand alone vibration amplifier device. Adding another transistor stage with it enhances the sensitivity of the device to overwhelming limits.

Nokia Spy Phone Mod

As may be witnessed in the following diagram, the involvement of an extra transistor stage adds up to the gain of the MIC making the entire unit highly sensitive such that it now picks even the sound as low as a pin dropping on the floor. The extra transistor prevents excessive loading of the MIC thereby ensuring better efficiency to the sensitivity.

If you have any circuit related query, you may interact through comments, I'll be most happy to help! Is is correct sir or the components seller just sold to me the wrong transistor,, thanks. Does it need to change values for other components? Referring to Ckt.

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Referring to the ckt with the fewest component.. Can I use 23 AWG? Thanks a lot. Sir, i want to ask if i can make changes to the electrolitic capacitors in the last circuit, …by the increasing not reducing range nf of capacitors. Tun, Please do not repeat your question more than once…your questions appears at least 25 to 30 times which becomes very disturbing while moderating.

Hi, I want to design a simple tranmitter and receiver but for a very limited range around feets. And at the same time their operating frequencies should be configurable. Can I do that with the one transistor transmitter and receiver circuits that are shown. How can I configure the operating frequencies. At the receiver end buzz sound comes means sound is not clear when I use it with 9v adapter. I want to use this circuit with adapter do I have to do change in adapter circuit or in Tx circuit.

Sir I want to use 9v adapter for the 9v fm transmitter circuit. Sir you're second bug has an ot of What is the dimeter and how many turns?

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Hey can i just put the second bug together without ground,pcb,or breadboard. Just solder their pins together?? Hello sir good evening, sir is the sound or voice transmitted by this circuit is catch by a mobile FM radio. Hello sir.

Mobile phone tracking circuit

As iam a verry begginer I wanted to ask you couple questions In the verry first diagram what are 6t and 15t, also what is the thikness of the antenna and thanks for your great help. Two last things, both regarding the coil: 1 Are the dimensions of the coil wire format, diameter and length critical? Which dimensions would be optimal? Would it be wise?

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On which frequency?? Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. Leave this field empty. Search for:. Sir can I replace the trimmer cap to 50p and the 4. Very last question sir , how you do the coil in the third bug?

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Can i use 3v lithium cell in second bug instead of two double A?? Last question sir , can i use 9v or 6v or 5v supply in the second bug instead of 3v? How could we change the emitting frequency of the very first bug? I might sound a bit stupid here, but would it work the same if I used a variable capacitor?

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In some scenarios goggles can also serve as good spy surveillance equipment. Lets you know if your autoupdate or uac settings change. We create exceptionally compelling and unique communications that get your message heard. Child Kamala B. Thumbs up for your job! If either cds cell is uncovered by the light blocker it will conduct heavily and the associated power driver will move the actuator in such a way that the cds cell is again covered. Set to a justification for android.